How to Break Into Sports Management

How to Break Into Sports Management

For most people, professional sports are just a hobby or a source of entertainment. However, for others, professional sports are where they have built very successful careers. Despite being a relatively new concept, sports management is a very promising and lucrative career. The sports management field is broad, and it opens a range of opportunities, depending on one’s interests and the organizations they wish to join.

From managing athletes and venues to marketing and organizing events, the opportunities are diverse. Some of the specializations in the sports management field are:

  • Sports Teams and League Management
  • Sports Sponsorship
  • Sport Operation Management
  • Sport Facility Management
  • Sport Hospitality
  • Sport Marketing
  • Sports Communications and PR

One of the best ways to break into the sports management sector is to complete a degree in Sports Management. For professionals looking to change careers into the sports management sector, pursuing a full-time degree can be really challenging. However, online degrees make getting an advanced degree a more manageable task.

Among the best sports management degrees is Adelphi Universities Master of Science in Sport Management. This Master’s degree allows aspiring sport managers to get into the game. This tier-one institution offers a degree in two Sports Management specializations. The first specialization for this degree is sport marketing. For many of the major sports events that rack in millions of dollars, marketing is an essential factor for success. The sport marketing specialization helps students explore marketing strategies and branding in the sports industry. Future sport managers can develop an in-depth understanding of critical industry topics such as campaigning and corporate sponsorship. With marketing being a lucrative career all by itself, a marketing degree with a sports industry specialization is definitely worth considering for people looking to break into this industry.

The program’s second specialization is more oriented towards people who aspire to become couches, trainers, and sports administrators. This specialization provides students with advanced knowledge on how athletic departments function, with a special emphasis on sports law. With such essential knowledge, the degree prepares graduates for careers in managing sports teams and athletic departments.

In addition to learning, the online Master of Science in Sport Management degree provides its students with essential networking skills. In the real world, networking is vital for landing a good job. In addition to working with students from all over the world who share the same passion, the degree gives you access to Adelphi’s alumni, who can help you land some life-changing career opportunities.